Friday, March 13, 2015

RIP Sky, Welcome home Trident

Sky passed away a few days ago. I didnt have time to blog since then.
He was a really old fish, and I found him dead while feeding his tank mates.

I thought I wasn't going to get another betta fish. I was debating it, though. I am getting a 40 gallon right out side of my room for angel fish, and I was going to upgrade Sky to a 20 gallon long in my room. I am currently looking for pieces of used furniture to refurbish into a large night stand/dresser/aquarium stand for the 20 long. I was thinking that if I don't get another betta fish, I might not have a purpose for an aquarium in my room other than maybe neon tetras, which I would have any way with my betta. I was thinking, maybe I still shouldn't get a betta. It would feel like I am trying to replace Sky, and that would be messed up. Then I realized: People keep betta fish in vases!!! If I do get a new one, that would be one more betta fish in a proper habitat and one less betta fish in a bowl/vase. That was what made me decide to get one. It would be stupid of me to let one "live" in a tiny container. So, I was at the pet store getting an albino bristle nose pleco, and I decided to take a look to see what bettas they have.
This fish is an honorable mention. He is beautiful. My mom, who was kind enough to buy both fish for me (along with 2 shirts before we went to the petstore,) showed me this guy.
Here are the 2 I was choosing between, because they were my favorite.

This butterfly betta fish is very patriotic. He is a red white and blue butterfly betta fish. I really liked him.
This one's cup was marked halfmoon male, but he also looks dragon scale to me. I eventually decided to get the Halfmoon betta fish, an old favorite. I really love the design on his dorsal fin.
Here is him when I first got home
I decided to name him Trident.
Welcome home Trident the Halfmoon Male Betta Fish!!!
He really is one of a kind, I have never seen anything like him before. Right now he is in a 0.33 gallon tank. He will be in there overnight and tomorrow night or the night after that I will put him in the 10 gallon, depending on how he is.

Everybody, please please please remember that betta fish are not ornaments, but living beings. They deserve respect, heat, room, and a clean space to live in. 2.5 seems to be the bare minimal, but I do not support keeping them in anything under 5 gallons. Mine is only in a small 0.33 gallon for a short time, and it is bigger than his cup the poor thing has been having to live in. Look at that ammonia!!!
He will be in his 10 gallon soon, and sometime after that a 20 gallon!!!! Can't wait!!!!
Until next time, happy betta keeping!!!