Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Best Christmas present yet and footage of a heart filled angel fish reunion!!!

When Buddy was at PetCo,, he seemed to be really good friends with another tiny angel fish, who I named Cleo. I felt bad about separating the two, and decided to go back and get her if she is still there the day after Christmas.
She is no longer there, she is here.
Justin knocked on my door and said that my Christmas present couldn't wait. I went outside, and this is what he handed me:

Out of all the angel fish they have there, he somehow picked the right one, not knowing which one she was.
I wasted no time before acclimating her to her new home.

Her being released:

Buddy's first vacuuming since I got him!

I am on my pc now, so i can upload Pictures.
I just vacuumed out my aquarium, first time since I got Buddy.
I didn't vacuum it in a while because i didn't have a bucket. It was so bad, I still have some waste in there, but not much. I am going to vacuum it next week, and then I am going to get a bunch of new plants, to the point were I might not even need to vacuum the aquarium anymore. I really like the look of heavily planted aquariums, and i think my fish, esp Buddy, would really enjoy one.
Now for some pics!!

I took this picture on my camera, and when I was uploading it, I found this old video i took to show you guys my new pets at the time being released into the 10 gallon after being floated.

The animals I got that day were one emerald green cory cat fish, 1 albino pleco, and 4 ghost shrimp. One of the ghost shrimp died, I still have the other 3. And Now I am thinking about getting more..... I got to go research some stuff for my aquarium on my tablet in bed until I get tired enough to fall asleep.
Until next time, Happy betta keeping!!!

Monday, December 22, 2014


I can't really upload pictures and vids with this app. I am sorry guys 😭😭😭😭
I just took the time to quickly look through some of my old posts, and I realized how long ago my last post from before getting Buddy was, so I decided to give a quick update;
Right now my aquarium consists of 1 betta, 3 ghost shrimp, 1 albino pleco, 1 panda Cory cat fish, 1 emberald green Cory cat fish, and an angel fish. My aquarium doest have that many plants, but I plan on getting more. I want many plants and maybe some more fish, right now my tank seems empty. Also I plan on getting a gentler air pump for my fish.