Saturday, May 3, 2014

I haven't been on here in like FOREVER

I am sorry about that.

the update on my 10 gallon planted community betta fish tank:

i had a nitrates problem. it is better now, though, and i have been vacuuming my aquarium every other week (i can't vacuum it every week because it will cause problems with my plants and panda cory cat fish.)

most of my fish died. I only have 3 left:

-panda (panda cory cat fish)
-1 oversized neon tetra

so i need
-1 more panda cory cat fish
-5 neon tetras
-2 african dwarf frogs
-3 different kinds of snails

introducing a tank mate to your betta fish

This is how I do it:
If you are going to float the fish, do so now. I have another method of acclimating my fish. Right now is when I will be putting them in my .10 gallon tank, and slowly and carefully taking out most of the water so they just have enough to survive. I put it next to my 10 gallon. I then take my spare air pump tube, and I put one end in my 10 gallon aquarium, suck on the other end (careful not to get the aquarium water in your mouth, but try not to have any air left in the tube,) and then put your thumb on the end that is in your mouth so air can't get in. This causes the "suction effect." Put that end of the tube under the water of the .10 gal, and then take your thumb off. You can completely let go, but make sure the tube doesn't come out of the water. 
As some of the water is being put into the smaller tank, feed your new fish along with the ones you already had. Turn off your aquarium light while your fish eats.
When the small tank is filled with good aquarium water, take out the tube. Make sure no water is left in it and store it. Wait a little longer before slowly putting fish and water from .10 gallon aquarium into 10 gallon, and when you have put the fish in there, clean up, and watch fish for 30 minutes to make sure there are no signs of aggression, and keep checking on fish for a couple of hours afterwards.

I will try to make a video tutorial, but the lighting in my room is terrible, so I don't know if I will be able to. 

I wanted to share this picture. The red and white betta fish reminds me of peppermint and christmas. 

I am stocking up on pictures for Betta Fish Awareness Day, mark June 21st on your betta fish calendars. I am making printable leaflets that will be available on this blog only. Make sure to get loud and make animal rights matter! You can help by printing a few leaflets, handing them out, or hanging them up in a public place where a lot of people see it! 

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