Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Buddy's first vacuuming since I got him!

I am on my pc now, so i can upload Pictures.
I just vacuumed out my aquarium, first time since I got Buddy.
I didn't vacuum it in a while because i didn't have a bucket. It was so bad, I still have some waste in there, but not much. I am going to vacuum it next week, and then I am going to get a bunch of new plants, to the point were I might not even need to vacuum the aquarium anymore. I really like the look of heavily planted aquariums, and i think my fish, esp Buddy, would really enjoy one.
Now for some pics!!

I took this picture on my camera, and when I was uploading it, I found this old video i took to show you guys my new pets at the time being released into the 10 gallon after being floated.

The animals I got that day were one emerald green cory cat fish, 1 albino pleco, and 4 ghost shrimp. One of the ghost shrimp died, I still have the other 3. And Now I am thinking about getting more..... I got to go research some stuff for my aquarium on my tablet in bed until I get tired enough to fall asleep.
Until next time, Happy betta keeping!!!

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