Thursday, June 20, 2013

i am cracking

Ok, so I will not wait for 100 Paige views to just come around for me to write in here. However, I will wait for 100 Paige views to write better stuff. Right now I will just post pictures of betta fish. So, please share his with your friends. That way, I will get over 100 pageviews and I can actually post things, like this book you HAVE to read!
A Marbled Crown tail Male Betta
Crystal and I are each going to get one. However, she is going to PetCo to get hers. I might, but, if there are any reasonably priced betta hatcheries around here I will just go there. And by reasonably I mean up to $10 per fsih.
Beautiful half moon male betta

Call me girly, but this is one CUTE BETTA!!
Double Tail Crowntail Male Betta Fish
Double tails are rare and difficult to breed. As a result, they are very pricey.
Another pretty male betta fish

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