Thursday, August 1, 2013

Officially a community fish tank!

My aquarium is now officially a community betta fish tank! I got 8 neon tetras, but then I only had 3 left because all the rest died. I did a test and found out that the pH was WAY to high and that was causing a few other things off. So I need this
So today we went to PetCo, but Roy was in a hurry, so we only got 3 neon tetras and did not get the pH stuff. I put the water from the bag with the 3 new neon tetras in my .33 gallon with my other 3 neon tetras, and then put in the 3 new ones. I think they remember each other because they all raced to each other and seemed very happy. they are still in the .33 right now and will be until I get this API pH down stuff.
Tomorrow I am hoping to go with Mom and buy this and a betta hammock. Because my filter is to one side of my aquarium, the other side got cloudy. Of course, it cleared up after taking my neon tetras out, but when I put them in, the aquarium will just get cloudy again. I decided to add a new addition to the cleaning crew. I was thinking about Cory cat fish. I was going to get 2 and 1 albino one, but then I had a better idea. I saw a type of fish that I really, really want, a borneo sucker. I want one sooo bad. So then I decided to look at them more. They get 4 inches, which is actually a perfect size, and you only need one! They look soooo cool! Just look at this Borneo Sucker (Picture Courtesy of PetCo, I got it from their website.)
So I think I am going to get one of those instead. Don't they look really cool and cute? I might get a baby.
That is all for today.
Happy Betta Keeping!

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