Monday, July 8, 2013

Filling up water

Every aquarium needs water!
I have 2 1-gallon jugs so it will take me a while to get the right amount of water in without stirring up rocks and moving my betta bulbs.
1 gallon

3:47 pm
2 gallons

3 gallons

4 gallons!

5 gallons

at 7 gallons it gets easier to dump in water
I decided to stop taking pictures

I am taking one more...
As you can see in the pictures before the last, my aquascape (I planted living plants that just did not start to grow yet) looked cloudy. That is because the hose doesn't have any warm water, so it was freezing, and precipitation made it hard to see. in the last picture the aquarium was wet. now all I need is an adapter and a lid for my aquarium.

Next time we will be talking about names for your fish!
Comment your fish's name and any other fish names you can think of and I might feature that name in my next blog!
Until next time,
Jessica and Sky

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