Sunday, July 7, 2013


Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013, I went to petco with my mom. I was looking at betta fish when I saw a beautiful blue marbled Halfmoon double tail male. For some reason, I kept on thinking Sky for a name, so I named him Sky. He I blue like a sky and marbled with white, which represents clouds. So, I named him Sky, even though he wasn't mine. I really badly wanted him, so Thursday, the next day, I biked 3 miles just to go and see him, and 3 miles to get home. Mom was furious. However, she changed her mind about the whole betta thing. She wanted me to get a betta, she just thought I wasn't ready, which I wasn't. So today she told me and Zack we were going to PetCo. I said "Yes! I get to go and see Sky! Can I take him home?" And she said "Yes"!!!!!! So, she had to go to the grocery store, which you should always do 1st so your betta doesn't boil in the car while you are in the store. I was scarred that someone else would get him, so I asked if I could go and stay with him and get all the supplies I need. She said sure. Zack went with her and I walked through the fish supplies thinking about each thing I needed (after going to pick up Sky!) And I ended up filling up a whole basket with supplies, from filters and heaters to a new air line that looks like a plant rather than a pump. I already had the food, of course! Anyway, so I got my fish and all the stuff, and it cost a total of $98! I paid $68, and Mom paid $30 for me. She owed me $5, so I only need to work off $25. It is SO worth it!
Sky in his nurse thank:

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