Sunday, July 7, 2013


Today I cleaned aquarium naturally colored rocks, my filter, and heater.
After applying all of those to the tank I also added betta bulbs and an outside thermometer.
Here is my tank's remodel I know that it is over stocked, but that is a 5 gallon and mine is a 10 gallon. I am going to have: SKY, 7 neon tetras, 2 ghost shrimp and 1 snail. Actually, I am debating between ghost shrimp and bamboo shrimp, but I think that I will just go with the ghost shrimp because they are smaller.
I am also am going to get some aquarium drift wood from PetCo, which is where I get all of my pet supplies from. As you might have heard, back in Hurricane Sandy another PetCo evacuated all of its workers but not its animals during a flood. All died. Well, this one isn't like that. This is the ONLY Pet store in the world that I trust, and that is because it passed my strict rules against of animal abuse. It only sells hermit crabs because it has to because all of the other Petcos do so they are required to. Anyway, it is only 3.5 miles to my house! Earlier I thought that it was 3 miles but it turned out that it was 3.5, so I biked 7 miles next to a busy street just to go check on Sky.
Anyway, I decided to take a picture of my 10 gallon aquarium every day and upload it to my blog. Today:
HUGE improvement!
There actually are betta bulbs, or plant seeds for special plants specifically for bettas in there already.
When I got it, there were bugs in it and it was gross and disgusting. Now, however, there are natural colored rocks, a filter, heater, thermometer, and betta bulbs! I am so excited!!!
Fun fact:
Betta and Beta are both correct ways to say the name for one fish.

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