Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Got the cover and back ground from Roy!! :D

Sky now has a background and lid to his aquarium. The pH dropped to in between ideal and acceptable. He is now in his aquarium.
Special thanks to Roy from getting me the backgrounds and lid.
Thanks to Luna from being herself and almost knocking Sky's .33 down right after I finished this video.
And thank you Mom from giving me this camera and permission to be getting a fish in the first place.
I <3 You All!

Lets have a contest that will go from now until Thursday.
I have 2 choices for a snail
A Gold Inca Snail
A Black Mystery Snail
I do not know which one to get, so please help me decide. Tell me which one looks more natural (like which one you would be more likely to see in the wild) and comment. This is an example for a comment, and the one I would probably do if no one comments
"I vote for a black mystery snail, and the name I vote for is Mystery."
Yes, you may also tell me what name you would name it. I am not creative and would name a black mystery Mystery or a gold inca Inca, which is why I would like some help. Of course, some names will be disqualified if they do not follow the terms and conditions.
Terms and conditions
If the name breaks any of the following rules, it will be disqualified:
Anything to do with drugs
advertisement (names of companies)
Names of Pokémon
Names of Japanese cartoon characters
Insulting names
*If the name you state has been disqualified and does not break any terms and conditions, that is because I plan on getting 7 neon tetras and you stated a name I think would be good for one of them.

So, which one do you think will be the best?
Competition July 9th- July 11th 2013
Here is Sky in his 10 gallon
Sky exploring his territory

He spotted his reflection and started to flare
My camera died.
When the battery is all charged up, probably in the morning, I will take more pictures.
Until then, Happy betta fish keeping,

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